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"The Prerequisites elementary band book is an amazing beginner method book that gives students the confidence to play well and the tools to become talented musicians. Learning how to breathe properly, correctly articulate, and play musically are the key elements to a great beginner band. Using the prerequisites will guarantee that your students will learn how to play musically and with solid technique. This book is a gift to the music education elementary band world. There isn’t a better book out there. It’s just awesome!"

Stephanie Arciere -

Band Director

New Hyde Park-Garden City Park UFSD


I"...proper posture, holding the instrument, embouchure, breathing, etc...being taught properly - in every aspect - right from the very beginning. This is what I believe this method (The Prerequisites) does/helps to accomplish."

IMurray Houllif -

Smithtown Schools (retired)

"I think of this book as “music readiness” - the preparation students need before they tackle the basic elementary method books and simple melodies e.g. how to form their embouchure, how to breathe properly, how to use their air, how to articulate the notes - “music readiness” necessary for participation in a successful beginning band."

Bill Katz - Former Band Director, East Meadow High School (Ret.)


The Washington Paper

"The Prerequisites is the rock-solid foundation we've always been looking for upon which to build consistent musical performance skill development.  Long gone will be the days of "backtracking" and having to "get back to basics".

Ed Leone - Director of Bands, Lynbrook South Middle School, Lynbrook, NY

"The Prerequisites is the perfect book for building solid fundamentals for the progressing music student. Fundamentals are the basis for a lifetime of learning and once mastered, can be inspirational to young musicians encouraging them to continue on their musical quest to becoming a professional musician. This is evident in many of their former students who have followed the path all the way up to a career at a professional level."

Elizabeth Schubert -

Clarinet, Miami Symphony

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