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     “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” This simple yet profound statement puts into perspective what this method is all about. It is a guide to building a strong foundation for beginning wind players from the very first lesson.  The student copy, in conjunction with the teacher’s copy, presents the beginner with rote exercises that will build and reinforce the fundamentals that will enable music performance readiness. These sequential rote exercises are given in a very simple and concise format. The first few lessons are void of standard music notation as the student is compelled to focus on breathing, air flow, articulation, embouchure, and tone quality. Once the student is somewhat proficient at these basic fundamentals, standard music notation is introduced. The teacher edition, which includes a copy of all the student books, navigates the teacher through this method in a logical step by step approach to achieve a stated goal for each new lesson. It instructs the teacher how the exercise should be executed before the student is allowed to move on to the next lesson.

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